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Red trucks all in a row

Here are some of the ways we’ve helped companies make substantial savings on their fleets through less downtime, lower maintenance costs, reduced lubricant consumption and improved productivity.

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Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe, Germany (PDF, 188 KB) - Yeni pencerede açılır

Switching to Shell Rimula R6 oils helped Germany’s largest bus company combat the issue of high concentrations of soot and ash residues in their DPF filters. This led to a reported annual saving of US$188,200.

Baruna Group, Indonesia (PDF, 191 KB) - Yeni pencerede açılır

Baruna Group’s short-haul diesel trucks had engine reliability problems and oil-drain intervals of only 5,000 km. Using Shell Rimula R3 X extended their ODI’s to 15,000km, saving a reported US$155,453 per annum.

Parcel delivery company, USA (PDF, 128 KB) - Yeni pencerede açılır

The Shell LubeAnalyst service helped a parcel delivery company identify issues in three engines and return them to the manufacturer whilst still under warranty. This saved an estimated US$46,000 in engine rebuilds.