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Shell is proud of its heritage in Turkey – we’ve been active here since the founding of the Turkish Republic in 1923.

Turkey is an important part of our history and our future.

In November 2011, Shell signed a joint operating agreements with the Turkish Petroleum Corporation (known by the acronym TP) to carry out early-stage oil and gas exploration and appraisal activities onshore in southeast Anatolia (Dadas).

This agreement with TP marked Shell’s re-entry to Turkey’s upstream oil and gas sector and led to the formation of Shell Upstream Turkey (SUT). SUT has its headquarters in Ankara.

On 14 February 2013, Shell and TP signed another joint operating agreement – this one relating to deepwater exploration activities in the western Black Sea.

Turkey’s vision is to be in the top 10 economies of the world by its Centennial year in 2023 and growth in domestic energy supply will be a critical enabler.

Energy demand is expected to double in the next decade in line with the country’s rapid economic growth.

With imports currently satisfying a large majority of oil and natural gas demands in country, Shell is proud to be Turkey’s partner in its efforts to increase domestic production.


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Shell Konacik-1 well

Shell Konacik-1 well

Shell Upstream Turkey (SUT), along with joint venture partner TP, has carried out early stage exploration activities targeting a liquids-rich shale resource north of Diyarbakir and Batman in southeast Anatolia.

SUT has now finished drilling, stimulating and testing our first two wells, Konacik-1 and Akcay-1. We are finalizing the analysis of the results of these wells and will use the results of that analysis to plan any next steps in close cooperation with our Partner, TP.

Shell’s objective with this exploration drilling program was to learn more about the geologic properties of the rock formations. Shell feels it has successfully gathered representative data to learn more about the geology.

If the analysis from these first wells gives encouraging indications then it will still take several years of further exploration activity to determine if commercially producible amounts of oil are present in rock formations deep underground. Only at that time could a decision be taken to enter a production phase.

As a result of our global experience in the onshore oil and gas business, we have adopted a set of operating principles that we adhere to in carrying out our activities.

Watch the animated video of the lifecycle of a typical Shell unconventional well

Black Sea

Shell Upstream Turkey and TPAO signed an agreement in February 2013 to conduct deepwater exploration
TPAO’s seismic vessel Barbaros Hayreddin Pasa

TPAO’s seismic vessel Barbaros Hayreddin Pasa

In February 2013 Shell Upstream Turkey BV (SUT) and Türkiye Petrolleri Anonim Ortaklığı (TP) signed an agreement and proposed to drill an exploration well offshore Turkey in License Block 3920 part of the Western Black Sea acreage. Shell is the operator in the early stage exploration activities.

The joint venture began when SUT and TP gathered 3-D seismic data, enabling the companies to determine the ideal location to drill the exploratory well. Shell collected over 1,500 square kilometres of data using TP’s seismic vessel, the Barbaros Hayreddin Paşa. By using the vessel contracted to TP, which was already in the Black Sea, SUT was able to deliver the data safely six months ahead of schedule, setting the tone for a venture that understands the importance of teamwork and the compounded effect of united expertise.

Drilling began in early 2015 after the drilling vessel, Noble Globetrotter II (NGTII), passed through the Bosphorus. The exploration well was located approximately 100km offshore north of İstanbul in 2,093m water depth. The objectives of the well were to determine whether viable oil and gas resources are present. 

Well operations at Sile-1 were completed safely and successfully in June 2015, without any environmental incident. The results from the Sile-1 well are currently being evaluated. Further exploration activities in Black Sea will be determined following completion of well data studies. Shell and Turkish Petroleum plan to continue their successful partnership in this underexplored area of the Black Sea.


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